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Welcome to the International Port of Dutch Harbor
#1 Fishing Port in the United States


Ports Department

The Department of Ports and Harbors manages, maintains and operates six City-owned marine facilities: the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Dock, the Unalaska Marine Center Dock (UMC), the Spit Dock, the Spit Light Cargo (LCD), Robert Storrs International Small Boat Harbor (Storrs) and Carl E. Moses Boat Harbor (CEM). 

The Department also performs marine search & rescue services and marine assists. The Ports Department stores and maintains an emergency towing system (ETS) which is used to assist in the recovery of distressed vessels.

The Department currently staffs a Director, a Harbormaster, six regular full-time Harbor Officers and two office staff.


The Port of Dutch Harbor promotes the growth and health of the community of Unalaska through the planning, development, and management of marine related municipal properties and facilities to provide moorage and other marine services on a self-supporting basis.

To this end, the facilities and services are developed and operated to promote and accommodate marine-related commerce, fisheries industry, safety, environmental protection, recreation, and visitors.